Spayed female. Approximately 2 years old. Coco was brought to Luna Foundation when she was pregnant. With less than 10% blood in her system she gave birth almost right away to 3 beautiful puppies. Thankfully the puppies all survived due to the volunteers bottle feeding them around the clock as Coco was too weak and sick to produce any milk of her own. 

She is a sweet natured dog but is very afraid of new people due to the trauma she went through with her previous owner. She definitely prefers women more than men and would be best suited to a family or person without pets as she requires lots of extra love, attention and patience. 


Neutered male. 1.5 years old, Rescued from Arashi Beach along with his brother. Copperfield is super playful and has a great energy about him. He loves attention and gets along great with other dogs. 


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Spayed female. 2 years old. Delilah was found as a puppy, got adopted on the island but then when the couple separated they threw her out on the street. Luckily someone from the Criojo Trappers saw her on the road and brought her back to Luna Foundation where she remains to this day. Still waiting for a loving family that will keep her forever. 

She is very calm but not like puppies or small dogs. She is not super affectionate but we are sure this will come in time if she has the right humans that are willing to put in the effort with her. 


Keep checking our adoption page or social media to find out which dogs and puppies are looking for a forever family. 


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Neutered male. Approximately 3 years old. Adonis used to belong to a school teacher in Mangel Halto but they decided that they no longer wanted to keep him because they said he was "dirty" so they handed hime over to Luna Foundation. 

Adonis really craves a lot of attention and loves nothing more than licking and kissing his human friends. 


Neutered male. Approximately 2 years old. Bandit was found walking alone on the sand dunes close to the California Lighthouse. 

He walks great on the leash and loves to burn off all his energy by going on long walks. He has a calm nature but gets bored very easily so needs to be with an active family or person. 


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