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    Neutered male approximately 5 months old. Tippy is part of the "Pumpkin Litter" and was rescued along with his siblings from his owners property in Dakota where he was left starving. He is very sweet and loves to snuggle but can be dominant when it comes to his food. He does not gel well with other alpha males and would be best suited to a family with either no dogs or a female dog. 


    More info soon to follow!

  • DIVI

    Divi is part of the "Baby Beach Pups" and was rescued when her and her siblings were abandoned on top of the cliff overlooking Baby Beach. She has a very sweet and playful nature. Is approximately 7 months old and is already spayed. 


    Part of the "Pumpkin Litter". This sweet female is spayed and approximately 5 months old. Very cuddly and affectionate and very energetic. Loretta would fit in perfectly with an active family who enjoys long walks in nature. 


    Billy Bob is part of the "Pumpkin Litter". He is an alpha male and not so friendly with other male dogs. He much prefers female company. He is a little shy with humans so it may take him some time to feel comfortable with his new family. Patience is key with Billy Bob. Neutered male. Approximately 5 months old. 


    Approximately 1 year old. Spayed female. Dumped by her owner. Shelly is very shy but sweet once you gain her trust. She would be best suited to a family with no other pets or animals so she can receive one on one attention. 

  • YIN & YANG

    Yin (female) and Yang (male) were surrendered by their owner at the safe haven because he could no longer care for them anymore. These two are inseparable and extremely shy. Lots of patience is needed with these two for them to be comfortable enough to blossom and overcome their shyness. They really deserve a special family who will love them unconditionally, won't abandon them and and welcome them in to a home of their own. 


    Junior was left outside the gate at the safe haven inside a box. He was very skinny, malnourished and covered in fleas and ticks. After a few months in our care he is now thriving and looking for a forever family to call his own. He is super sweet and playful and gets along with all the dogs in our pack. He would make a great addition to an active loving family. Approximately 6 months old. Neutered male. 


    This spayed female was trapped by the trapping team whilst pregnant. She gave birth to all her puppies in our care and was a great Momma to all of them. She has a lot of trust issues due to past traumas before we rescued her. Sunset needs a person with a lot of patience, time and dedication to earn her trust and help her to learn than humans can be nice and treat her the way she deserves. 

  • GAIA

    More info soon to follow


    Spayed female. 2 years old. Delilah was found as a puppy, got adopted on the island but then when the couple separated they threw her out on the street. Luckily someone from the Trapping team saw her on the road and brought her back to Luna Foundation where she remains to this day. Still waiting for a loving family that will keep her forever. 

    She is very calm and very sweet. She is not a fan of puppies so best to keep them far away from her.  Once she knows you she will shower you with all the love in the world.

    We have no idea what our girl has been through but whatever it was it traumatized her deeply. a trauma only love and attention can cure.


    Neutered male 1.3 years old.

    Was adopted as a puppy but due to family issues returned to us.

    Very sweet boy, A bit shy at first. Loves to play.


    Neutered male. Approximately 2 years old. Bandit was found walking alone on the sand dunes close to the California Lighthouse. 

    He walks great on the leash and loves to burn off all his energy by going on long walks. He has a calm nature but gets bored very easily so needs to be with an active family or person. 


    Phoenix was surrendered by her owners with her siblings. She is a very good girl.She is spayed and loves to play. She is 1 year old and all she wants is a home to call her own.


    This boy was rescued from Barcadera area where he was dumped. He was covered in mange and very skinny. After spending some weeks with a foster he came to the haven. Fellow is a very quiet boy. Sticks to himself. Very laid back. Loves to run but most of all loves doing things at his own speed.

  • NATI & LEXI 

    Nati and Lexi were found hiding in the bushes near Alto Vista. Neither of them could walk when we rescued them. Now they are both happy and healthy but they must be adopted together. They are the best of friends and both depend on each other. Lexi (wonky paw) is approximately 3 years old and Nati is approximately 2 years old. They both have such sweet characters and would love to be part of a family. Will you join their squad?... 

  • MAX

    This boy belongs to Animal Relief Foundation. Super sweet only  years old. Does not do well with dominant dogs. Loves to play and go on long walks. He is neutered.


    More info soon to follow

  • KOLE

    Kole was dumped in the bushes together with his 3 siblings. One sibling died before we could rescue them. He is a sweet boy with a strong mind of his own. He will need a little extra training. He is very sweet and gives kisses freely.

  • HUNT

    Hunt is a neutered boy of 1 year old. Strong minded boy. At first he wont let you touch him. He needs to trust you first. He loves running with the pack.


    Mindy is a sweet yet shy girl. Surrendered by her owners together with her sister Cindy. After going through lots of abuse they are now warming up to humans. Mindy is a doll. She is spayed!


    Pierce is part of the Greys anatomy litter. Handsome girl. 11 months old. spayed . Loves running around with the pack. 

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