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Freedom Flight Dogs 

Once our Freedom Flight is scheduled, the dogs will be seen here



14 weeks

Heading 4

Meet Daisy. 🌼This lovely light brown Aruban Cunucu melted our hearts right from the get go.
Daisy was born in Aruba 🏝️ on February 6, 2023 & weighs around 13lbs. We have been blessed to meet this beauty and give her all the love she deserves until she meets her adoptive family. She will do well in any home with or without children & other dogs. She has not been tested with 🐈‍⬛ cats, but we believe with proper introductions she will do great.
😴Miss Daisy sleeps well in her crate and is eager to play when her gate opens. She loves her squeeky toys. 🦮 Daisy does well walking on the leash. This playful energetic puppy is eager to please. At the end of a long day, Daisy looks forward to snuggling on the couch. Then its off to bed in her crate. If you are looking for a loving pet, you need to meet Miss Daisy. She will completely melt your heart.

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