You've recently seen 'LIVE' videos showcasing our 60+ dogs/pups at the Safe Haven.

Normally, there are 20,000 people who visit Aruba weekly! Those tourists are instrumental together with our locals in helping us take care of our dogs/pups with volunteering and donating foods toys, treats, meds, etc. Since nobody is able to fly to Aruba quite yet and there is a crisis worldwide our dogs at the Safe Haven need you!

Our new program is called 'Foster from Afar'.

This is a way to help our dogs. Not only will this allow you to get close and personal to a particular dog(s) or pup(s) but also to help us with our food costs for our dogs/pups!

We estimate we are currently using 10 bags of adult food ($40 each @57 lbs.) per month ($400) and 15 bags of puppy food ($28 each @32 lbs.) per month ($420). That's a lot of food and a lot of money.

If you'd like to 'Foster from Afar' one of our adult dogs or puppies, we welcome you to donate weekly or monthly with PayPal to help your specific dog get his/her meals and any special requests you may have for him/her. A special sign will be put on each cage that is being sponsored with the 'Foster from Afar' program.

If you'd like your dog or pup to have an additional bed in his or her cage, that is only a $16 donation! All our dogs and pups would LOVE to have a bed.

To 'Foster from Afar' and sponsor a cage with (specifying which cage you'd like to sponsor):

--2 adult dogs, you can donate $40 monthly;

--4 adults dogs, you can donate $80 monthly;

--3 pups, you can donate $56 monthly;

--5 pups, you can donate $84 monthly;

--$50 a month will give our dogs can dog food, bacon strips, something special to add to their kibble.

It's important that we feed all our dogs the same food always, to protect their bellies, and make them happy

If anybody on the Island is interested in purchasing the specific food we use at the Haven, please send a whatsapp to +297 563 6567

Our dogs eat Purina dogchow or Purina puppychow.

Our Luna angels can come and pick up the food if desired.

For more info, please email:

Thank you for always standing at our side and sharing our love for our rescued dogs.

Cage 1: Rachel Cage 2: Berkley Cage 3: Karen Cage 4: Karen Cage 5: Cage 6: Kim Cage 7: Candice Cage 8: Cage 9: Cage 10: Susan Cage 11: Susan Cage 12: Ashley Cage 13: Candice Cage 14: Rachael (1 of 3) Cage 15: Ashley Cage 16: Cage 17: Cage 18: Nancy and Joe Cage 19: Patti Cage 20: Cage 21: Cage 22: Cage 23: Kim (1 of 2) Cage 24: Cage 25: Nancy and Joe (1 of 2) Cage 26: Cage 27: Cage 28: Cage 29:

Kudawecha pups 5

Baby Beach puppies 5

Brutus: Berkley

Fellow: Mindy

Adele (now Phoenix @SP): Ellen

Kudawecha pup 3(@Zoey): Patti

4th Kudawecha pup: Ellen

Police dogs (@Marco):

Thor (@Marco): Ellen

Max (ARF):



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