Updated: May 23, 2020

We often get asked how Luna Foundation started and what made us choose the name Luna.

Here is our story of how it all began...

Our foundation is named in honor of LUNA, the first dog in Aruba's history to be removed from an abusive home and the owner to be arrested for animal abuse and neglect.

Luna's rescue marked a major milestone for Aruba. She represents a new beginning and fresh start for all the animals on the island. Luna was found in a horrific condition. Malnourished from lack of food, covered in fleas and ticks, suffering from severe anaemia and diagnosed with vaginal cancer from years of breeding. Not to mention the scars of the emotional stress she endured throughout her life. Luna's road to recovery was a long one.

Thankfully, due to a small group of patient, kind-hearted and generous people, she made a full recovery and is now living a happy and healthy life with her foster-come-adoptive family. Luna's story has shone a spotlight on the harsh reality of what Aruba's animals go through each day, but it also demonstrates that this kind of abuse and neglect is not acceptable and is punishable by law.

With Luna as our inspiration and always at the forefront of our minds we will make sure that her story becomes a legacy for future generations of our island.

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