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After exhaustively analyzing the process of rescuing and rehabilitating dogs in Aruba, at Luna Foundation we have managed to understand where the problem of animals on the street is, something that we have been focused on for a long time.


First of all, what is Foster? It is the part of the animal care process, where the foundations, after rescuing an animal, look for a TEMPORARY adoption family.

The foundations give these temporary families training, teach them how to handle the animal, and provide them with food, medicine, veterinary expenses, and all the expenses derived from the maintenance of the animal, sometimes even for many months! While looking for the final adoption family.

These Fosters are sometimes even outside of Aruba since the adoption processes for animals from Aruba can be carried out from the Netherlands and the USA as well as Aruba.

In the following graph, we see the current complete process of animal care:

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-08 at 20.15.01.jpg
WhatsApp Image 2023-05-08 at 20.38.26.jpg

In the second graph we can see how LUNA FOUNDATION establishes a firewall, before the animal reaches the street, offering and managing to be FOSTERING to the original family, the one that is asking for help, or the one that we discover is being negligent with their animal, due to complaints from their neighbors or families, (BE AN EXAMPLE CAMPAIGN)


Why wait for the animal to reach the street??, and cause such a huge amount of expenses and inconvenience, making the animal suffer so much? This is not necessary!! It is no longer an option for the animal to reach the street. We are going to need a Foster anyway, which is also so hard to find!

If we are going to spend so much money to find a Foster, we better foster the family of origin, avoiding all processes after the animal is abandoned.

Luna Foundation has a lot of experience in this part of fostering families since the main objective was never to rescue, but to rehabilitate the animals from their homes.



From now on, from Project FIDO, all our efforts are aimed at changing the process, so that in 5 to 7 years we will have stopped 95% of the abandonments in Aruba, we need the rest of the foundations to continue carrying out the rescue work of course! Although I am sure that together we can allocate more and more resources to foster Aruba. All the studies on average from the international environment (Aruba does not have survey history or real information) show us that only 12% to 17% of the cases are not suitable for fostering in origin because the reasons are death of the owner, moving to another country, or reasons of force majeure, the rest of near 85% of reasons for abandonment are possible fostering.

It is now only a matter of time or money (more money = less time) that the number of animals on the street will become minimal and totally affordable to the foundations

In studies carried out from Aruba by our volunteers, in local environments of schools and neighborhood groups, as well as comparisons and inquiries made to the international Animal Care media, as World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH)., OHS Wildlife Rehabilitation Center,

And of course, the Dutch entities:

Who made the Netherlands the first country without stray animals!!

How they did it? Following the guidance of the World Organization for Salud (WOS) y la World Animal Protection (WAP) reported in the 90s that:


“The only way to stop the overpopulation of stray dogs is to sterilize, educate society about responsible ownership and identify the animals

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-08 at 20.39.49.jpg


logo fido.jpg


All the foundations are very well focused on the STERILIZE process, where AWAA is the pioneer in the organization of campaigns and aid to society, where awareness of the need to sterilize is a priority.

The first step is always to organize a good planning and programming of operations to sterilize from AWAA, know levels in time, create an exhaustive list of all pending animals, and prioritize females and younger animals. At Luna we manage to sterilize approximately 35 animals per month, there are more than 400 per year, if 50% are female, and each one raises an average of 28 animals per year, we are talking about preventing 11,000 fewer animals on the street! Only Luna and only in one year... It must remain a priority in the strategies of all foundations.


But it falls short and we must continue with the EDUCATION strategies, that part corresponds to each and every one of the inhabitants or lovers of Aruba. Luna, in addition to focusing its main objective on education, from schools, social environments, neighborhoods, and families, has established with the FIDO project, a series of steps, aimed at establishing a connection with the new generations, and the environment.

Everything is related and closely linked to respect for nature, and there we include in our training plans, learning and focus on recycling, and the study of renewable energies.

In this section, Luna Foundation is going to keep development in the LUNA EDUCATIONAL CENTER, in the haven, where the main shelter is. Where the children and families of Aruba will be able to learn and practice in an environment of natural reality (conqueror field) about all this, in the company of real animals, and playful activities that facilitate the enjoyment of all!

Our Services

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This educational center already has teaching material, wich is been sent to us from various entities in the USA, especially our main partner:

Ohlone Humane Society



With the LONG TABLE prize of $ 10.000 :

Luna can use the 75 % to foster 144 more families in 2023,

and 25 % for development in LUNA EDUCATIONAL CENTER

Now Luna Foundation is empowered by the average income from donations and fundraising activities, to foster an average of 316 families on 2023. That is more than 400 less abandoned animal, ( if 50% female = 5.600 prevention of abandoned animals per year, ) And the flow from around families fostered, already concientizated, is a big plus every year, We can say than 5 to 7 years is a realistic scenary to street be controlated.. If more of 2000 families has been fostered in 7 years, and every family spreads just on 5 member around them, is 100.000 ... posibles peoples "educated". 

The average cost of a foster in Aruba is $52, calculated from the expenses in food and materials for pets that the 2022 Aruba census found.

There is not much real information about the street photo, no one has carried out a census of animals in the street for a long time. We hope to be able to provide a map that is as up-to-date as possible by the end of 2023.

Not even the census includes how many animals there are by families, or how this animal control is distributed, there is no legal regulation on the need to census pets, that is the part that corresponds to the government, the third step of the strategy of street animal control that led to success in the Netherlands, IDENTIFY, it should be mandatory by law to CHIP, and sterilize, in exchange for significant fines, IMPORTANT...




We need a big team!! We need many volunteers to go to the houses to educate and help, to watch the neighborhoods, to help in the shelter, to teach the children in the educational center, to bring food and materials, for all the tasks that you can see on the web 

We have already opened a list where you can sign up, everyone can help!! And all the volunteers will receive a 4-hour training, during two weekends so that they are prepared to serve and help others. And always a volunteer will be trained for all the tasks you want to support..



If you can't give up your time, you don't have money to donate, if you can't physically make contributions of any kind, or receive as a Foster, there is one thing that EVERYONE can do, and it is of immense help!! BE AN EXAMPLE, be the example of the little ones, of your social environment, whenever you can act in coherence with the values of Aruba to help others, not to mistreat animals, and above all COMPLAINT!! All cases of abuse that you see and know about, make it known, that help is also incalculable



You can access the forms on the web.

Thanks to the new strategies that support this FIDO project, Luna Foundation plans a very large increase in income, from a campaign of SUBSCRIBERS who want to become SPONSOR of the animals that we are going to foster, so that a subscriber can take care of the fostering of a single complete animal $52, or participate for only $5 a month to foster a part of the care process of the animal.



And of course if you want to be a FOSTER!!

So, any family can call and ask Luna to help them be a Foster?

Of course!! But you must sign a FOSTERING CONTRACT where you assign that will become responsible and will take good care of your pet, and you acquire the legal commitment to not let the animal escape or be abused.

For 2 months, Luna Foundation will educate the family and the animal, help with the facilities of your house, guidance, medical bill, food, and everything that is required for the optimal life of the pet.

After these 2 months, in any case, you remain under the supervision of the Luna Foundation, which will make monthly visits to check that everything is fine with the animal. And you can call us any time for advise!

And lastly, even if you do not ask to be a Foster if someone denounces that you do not treat your pet well, we will investigate and offer you passage through FOSTER before the legal authorities take action.

We have a list where all fosters will be included and attended in order of inscription. Until all Arubian families in need will be helped!


To manage abandonment, mistreatment, and abuse of animals, and to force a census, chip, sterilize and vaccinate the entire population of animals at home.

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