Luna Foundation is made up of a small group of inspirational volunteers, dedicated to changing the lives of Aruba's street dogs and strays. We each have experience in rescuing dogs and have witnessed first hand just what these animals have to endure each day on the island. We are genuinely committed to promoting the importance of educating the youth, spaying and neutering,and passionate about raising awareness of animal welfare within the local communities of Aruba. We receive no government funding and rely solely on your support.


We teach the younger generation in Aruba the importance of animal welfare and why it is necessary to spay/neuter


We provide locals with the correct knowledge and advice on how to care for their pets and the street dogs/cats


We are visibly helping Aruba care for the stray dogs and puppies in their neighborhood with our guidance

Located on the Caribbean island of Aruba. Just 20 miles off the coast of Venezuela and part of the Dutch Antilles.

We mostly focus on the more disadvantaged barios on the island as we feel this is where our help is needed most.

We also reached our goal of creating a safe haven, a secure peaceful property in the cunucu (countryside) for all our rescues to be able to have a place to call "home" until they get adopted.

Our volunteers hit the streets on a daily basis to feed the strays. We work together with local communities to educate them on the importance of spaying and neutering. We also provide them with dog food so they can continue to care for the dogs in their neighborhood and support them when they need help or advice concerning the animals. We focus on teaching the next generation to treat our animals fairly, with compassion and love. The children of Aruba are the ones who will continue to promote Luna's legacy.

Our foundation is named in honor of LUNA, the first dog in Aruba's history to be removed from an abusive home and the owner to be arrested for animal abuse and neglect. Luna's rescue marked a major milestone for Aruba. She represents a new beginning and fresh start for all the animals on the island. Luna was found in a horrific condition. Malnourished from lack of food, covered in fleas and ticks, suffering from severe anaemia and diagnosed with vaginal cancer from years of breeding. Not to mention the scars of the emotional stress she endured throughout her life. Luna's road to recovery was a long one. Thankfully, due to a small group of patient, kind-hearted and generous people, she made a full recovery and is now living a happy and healthy life with her foster-come-adoptive family. Luna's story has shone a spotlight on the harsh reality of what Aruba's animals go through each day, but it also demonstrates that this kind of abuse and neglect is not acceptable and is punishable by law. With Luna as our inspiration and always at the forefront of our minds we will make sure that her story becomes a legacy for future generations of our island.

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Show your love and support by contributing towards providing food and veterinary care for Aruba's stray and neglected dogs and helping us to continue to educate the local communities within Aruba on the importance of animal welfare and spaying and neutering.

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