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People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. For some it offers the chance to give something back to the community. For others it provides an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge. Here at Luna Foundation we ALWAYS welcome new volunteers. If you would like to give up just a few hours each week to help take care of our rescue dogs then we would love to hear from you. Whether it is by helping out at Luna's Safe haven, home of our rescues, by fostering a puppy or adult dog or by joining our FIDO team in your local neighborhood.... every bit helps.

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Do you want to do something good that will make you feel great?
If yes, why not join our team of volunteers? 



If you would like to help with any of the volunteer activities listed below please complete our online application form today.

A rotating team of volunteers visits our Safe haven on a daily basis.
Here is where we welcome our rescue dogs and provide them a safe, loving temporary home. Being part of the daily care team of the Safe haven means you'll be helping with cleaning cages and feeding, cuddling and socializing our rescues. Shifts during weekdays are from 8 AM till 2 PM. During the weekends we work with two shifts a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

If you have stray dogs in your neighborhood and would like to do a good deed by feeding them every day and monitoring them so we can assess who needs to be spayed/neutered then let us know. We will provide you with dog food and anything else you need. 

If you wish to help us educate our island on how to care for their animals better by entering the neighborhoods.

Our safe haven is a working progress and we always need an extra pair of hands to help us build more cages and dog houses, maintain our property etc. If you are in to DIY or handy with power tools please get in touch to see how you can apply your skills to make a difference at Luna Foundation. 

Over time we aim to grow and expand our safe haven to create a home from home environment for our rescued dogs. We plan to include a garden full of fruit trees to provide shade, a picnic area to help the dogs relax and become more social and also a space for them to run and feel the freedom they deserve. To make this possible we need help in preparing the land, planting trees and of course once it's finished we will need help with maintaining this garden for the dogs to be able to enjoy each day. If you consider yourself to be green thumbed or would like to get back to nature and help with this project please let us know.

A vital role in every rescued dogs journey to recovery. You will provide a safe and secure home, give them food and fresh water every day, be responsible for administering any medication (if required) and show them the love and affection our rescued dogs deserve. The majority of our dogs have been abused, abandoned and neglected and need a foster that is patient, kind, caring and understands their needs. It can take a long time for them to trust humans again and be comfortable in social situations therefore your role as a foster is crucial in helping them become adoptable and ready to find their forever family. 

Our latest program allows you to be able to foster from afar no matter where you are in the world. For more information about this new initiative by Luna Foundation please click here.
Did you know that changing a dogs life can be as simple as transporting it from one place to another? In this case, transporting means getting a dog off the island, on it’s way to a great life abroad. We are always looking for flight volunteers: people who are willing to take a dog on their flight back home so they can go to their new families in the USA, Holland or Canada. Are you traveling to one of these countries and are you willing to help? Please fill in our flight volunteer form! We arrange everything: from meeting you at the airport with the dog to payment, paperwork, crate/carrier, need-to-haves and need-to-knows… We are there with you to check in and walk you through the process, the same goes for when you arrive in your home country. There are no costs for you and we promise that flight volunteering is a great and rewarding way of making a difference in the life of an Aruban rescue dog.

Once you have filled in the
Flight Volunteer application form we will be in contact with you to answer all your questions and start working on finding the right dog to join you on your flight home.

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